Monday, July 27, 2009

It's Monday...but when on vacation

It's funny but during the school year, Sunday nights mean tossing and turning and hardly any sleep in anticipation of a new week, but when on vacation..sleep, sleeping in...Monday...just another nice to cherish this time. Of course Monday means back to salads for eating, exercising every day, and writing the blog, which is a great mental exercise.

Today's message from the universe:

Before this odyssey ever began, Stacy, there was you, your best friends, and wide-eyed curiosity among you about who would be the first to leap, the first to forget, the first to kiss, the first to tell, the first to fall, the first to get back up, and the first to remember that it all began with a dare: to love in spite of it all.

Is that you, Mergatroid?
The Universe

Dining Out
Last night we went to Iron Hill Brewery for dinner. It was pretty good. I had the crab cake and others had the mussels (great new way to do, blue cheese, bacon in the broth...sprinkle with blue cheese), and a cheeseburger that was pretty ordinary. We tasted two beers. I'm not a beer drinker and still don't like it. I tried the raspberry wheat...nope...and the ale which wasn't too bad, but you can sample beerss for like .50 and then, if you don't like it, no big deal. The Trillist ( had a review of the restaurant this morning: Would we go back? Sure, it was fun and a very nice place. You can make reservations (if you're going after 6, be sure to do that) as it was really really busy...a wait of more than half an hour...probably because of the fabulous 20.00 prime rib special.

When I was at a spa in California, I met a wonderful lady who encouraged the use of Mandalas in the classroom. That year I had my students go out to the parking lot and draw the wheel covers on different cars and then color them. Kids loved doing that and I hadn't thought of it for a bit until I saw this web site:
Drawing and coloring mandalas has a calming effect on students. Just the thing to do after coming in from gym or recess.

Peter Reynolds posters
Both plurkers, Robin and Meg were nice enough to share this web site:
Great posters for your classroom or office by Peter Reynolds

Time to hit the treadmill.....did some running on the treadmill today during intervals. I'm happy no one outside sees me doing this. I know it helps with tennis, but it's still not my favorite thing to do.
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The Body Shop 20% coupon thru 7/27

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Free Clarins Skin Care Center Facial Treatment

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Office Max back To school bargins

Posted: 26 Jul 2009 09:06 PM PDT

It looks like everyone is getting in the back to school swing of things! In posts below, you'll find deals at Kmart & Walgreens. Our great FREEtastic member Brandy in Bloomington, IN sent me some current deals at Office Max good thru 8/1.

One cent items:
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Sears $5 off coupon and free wall portrait

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Free Lacoste Parfume sample

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Wordle Idea
Here's a great idea from plurker, Jen Wagner. I can see doing this using students . Also. if the kids made it up, parents could try to find their child's desk by the wordle they make. I really like it.
Ice-Cream Jello????
Part science experiment, part fun...and there's always room......

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