Monday, August 3, 2009 day....August 3, 2009

All sorts of tech things here today from an on line alarm clock to flipping your texts. Please feel free to add any fun technology sites you know to this blog.

Cool alarm clock....all sorts of sounds for you to choose

Wonder how people flip their text on plurk or other places??

Looking for a web site...lots on one page here

Better read these 21st century excuses before you assign homework this year

Like snipit

Be sure to check out I can see all sorts of uses for this.
Educators Set to Begin New School Year with Enhanced Curricular Resources and Integration Tools from Discovery Education

Found by Plurker Mrs Smoke.....Organize your classroom library

From the Universe:
It's truly a sight to see, when the inhabitants of any planetary civilization cross the tipping point and begin to individually accept complete and eternal responsibility for their own happiness.

Yet, this hardly compares to the mountain quaking, body shaking, polarity-flipping, hero-making occurrences that transpire when such inhabitants graduate to accepting complete and eternal responsibility for their every twinge of unhappiness.

Brings tears to my eyes,
The Universe

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